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Arnie and I changed up our workout this morning. We ran the stairs in Santa Monica instead of going to the gym. I’m used to running stairs, so I had forgotten how difficult it is when you’re a first timer. His legs were like rubber by the time we were done.

We went to get our usual lattes afterward and took a long walk on the beach. I wanted to have a chance to talk to him alone about the similarity between his wife and Kate….a topic that needed to be handled with kid gloves.

We walked and walked, then I finally broached the subject. I asked him flat out if he ever thought about the resemblance between Noelle and Kate. His eyes welled up with tears and there was a look of recognition on his face.  His response was, “Oh my God, I had no idea. Why didn’t I ever see that before?”

It looks like we had a huge ah ha moment.

Got up early this morning and went right to work on Double Down, then took a break to meet Arnie at the gym. We had a great workout, back and biceps, then stopped for coffee on the way out. I’m still baffled by the photograph of his wife. I wonder if Arnie realizes how much she and Kate look a like.

I took Kate to lunch this afternoon and showed her the picture of Arnie’s dead wife. She was speechless. I told her my theory that he has had a huge crush on her and is constantly asking questions about her. It also explains why nothing has ever transpired between the two of us. Kate was as bit shocked, but had to agree. It’s probably a good thing that Arnie will be leaving soon for Alexandria.

Arnie and I started working out together at the gym when we were staying at Harrah’s. We’ve been continuing the workouts at Gold’s in Venice since we’ve been back. I’ve been going to the gym forever, have had numerous personal trainers, but this has all been new for Arnie. He has been quite the sponge, absorbing everything that he’s been learning and I must say the results are already visible. He looks great. Now he has a new body to go with his new haircut and clothes.

We had an interesting dinner at Ocean the other night. I asked Arnie many questions about his life. It turns out that he was studying literature at Harvard, when he met his wife Noelle. She was an exchange student from France. He became a cop when Noelle became pregnant. They married and were happy until Noelle died a couple of years ago from breast cancer. His wife was a talented musician. He showed me a picture of her, and I almost fell off my chair. She is the spitting image of Kate!

My new friend Grace in Lake Tahoe called today. She’s getting ready for her grand opening tonight. Tahoe Cakes by Grace. She made such a fabulous cake for Kate’s birthday. I wish her great success on her new endeavor and I am sorry that I’m not there to help her celebrate.


Back to work

It’s been work, work, work since I’ve been back from Tahoe. We are getting the paperback version of Doctor Selfish ready for publication, doing the final editing for With Malicious Intent which will be available in ebook form by the end of the month, and working on the newest novel Double Down which will be published by the end of the year.

Arnie and I have a date tonight. He’s heading out to Alexandria and Monday, so we hope to spend more time together before he has to leave. I just spent ten days with the guy, but really don’t feel that I know him all that well yet. It may be time for some questions at dinner tonight. He sure is looking good these days.

Another great meal last night, I don’t think we’ve had one bad one on this whole trip. We ate at Rapscallion’s and came back to Eldorado to get in our last night at the tables. Arnie planted himself at the blackjack tables, Brian played craps while Kate and I tried our hand at baccarat. Arnie cleaned up, the rest of us came out about even for the night.

We flew out of Reno this morning, now it’s back to reality in LA. The vacation was fun and relaxing for all of us. Now it’s time to catch up on all of the work that I missed. I think I’m going to call Kathy the realtor tomorrow and see about buying a place in Tahoe. I really like that spot.

We had a great meal at Tadich’s Grill, an old San Francisco favorite. This morning we headed out through Sacramento on highway 80 to Reno. Lucky for us, we missed quite a snow storm yesterday. We are staying at the Eldorado tonight in downtown Reno. It’s our last chance for a little gaming before heading back to Los Angeles tomorrow. Arnie has definitely been bitten by the blackjack bug and wants to get in some serious playing time tonight.

After a long day of shopping yesterday, we had cocktails at the hotel and walked down the street to Morton’s for dinner. Today we played tourist all day at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. Arnie and I had some time alone today as we walked around. It turns out that he lost his wife Noelle a couple of years ago to breast cancer. She was a musician and they had one daughter, Anna who is in college. He is just full of surprises. I had no idea about his past, he is usually so quiet. I guess it’s a good thing that he is opening up about his life. I get the feeling that there’s no real romance between us, just more of a friendship….we’ll see. He seems to still be hiding some secrets.

The four of us had a wonderful seafood lunch at Allioto’s. We are meeting at five at the club level lounge here at the Prescott for drinks and then one more fabulous meal here in the city. The snow has passed in Tahoe, so it’s back to Reno tomorrow and then we are flying back to LA the following day. It’s not going to be easy to go back to reality after such a nice relaxing vacation.

The weather turned on us today, and we heard that there was some snow coming our way.  It was a unanimous decision to head out of Tahoe before the snow arrived. We all decided that we should visit San Francisco before heading back to LA. It was an easy four hour drive into the city. What a spectacular view heading across the Bay bridge into downtown.

We checked into the Prescott Hotel just off of Union Square and headed out for an afternoon of shopping. It was time to find a new wardrobe for Arnie.  He was a good sport to let Kate and me pick everything for him. We took him to Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus. He will be the a whole new man when he arrives in Alexandria next week. He is all set with tailored pants, dress shirts, a couple of sport coats, a leather jacket,and  several pairs of leather shoes. Brian did a little shopping as well. He was in definite need of something other than jeans and flannel shirts! He is also a very good looking man who needs to spot hiding behind shaggy hair and a bearded face.