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Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio originated as a mutation of Pinot Noir in Alsace, France, where it is called “Pinot Gris”. Italian versions are light bodied and neutral with refreshing pear, citrus and mineral flavors along with medium acidity.

Sauvignon Blanc’s pronounced nose and refreshing acidity make it one of the most easily recognized grapes in blind tastings. The grape originates in the French Bordeaux region as well as the Loire Valley. In the 1970’s, Robert Mondavi began to experiment with oak treatments to produce a French styled California wine, which he called “Fume Blanc.”



I’m working towards a Sommelier (wine) certification and have been studying the various grapes. Thought I would share what I’m learning with you.

Chardonnay is the most popular grape in the world, originating in France’s Burgundy region. The grapes are relatively easy to grow and highly marketable because of its neutral qualities and versatility. Growing regions include California, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina and Chile. Chardonnay is the primary grape for many great sparkling wines from France’s Champagne region.

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