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The Hansen’s hosted a big farewell barbeque for Arnie at William’s house. He’s been here for so long, it feels like he lives here. His FBI training starts this week, so it’s time for him to get to Alexandria and get on with his new life. I noticed that he was very emotional saying goodbye to Kate. He really does have a thing for her. She was a bit emotional as well, after all he did save her life. Maybe he will meet someone new in Virgnina. He has become a good friend to me over these past weeks and I’m sure that he and I will be in touch on a regular basis.

We had our last hike together this morning in Sycamore Park. Arnie confided that he is nervous about his future and about starting the FBI program. He is mostly insecure about his personal life. I assured him that he has all of the qualities that he needs to find an appropriate partner, he just needs to get over his hang up with Kate!


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