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What would you do if you went to sleep one night and suddenly found yourself living someone else’s life who lives half-way around the world? Would you embrace the experience or be terrified and freeze-up? Follow my character, Lauren Jones, and find out what happens along her journey in the hypangogic state.


Love & Kisses, the love trivia sequel is due for release on January 23, in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day!L&KFRONT (2)

In case you missed my interview by Carol Anders on Asheville ‘N the Arts, here’s the link:

We’ve revised the cover for our soon-to-be released love trivia book, Love & Kisses, to a summer theme for a July debut.L&KFRONT

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frontcover5Love & Kisses, otherwise known as Love Trivia II, is almost ready for publication. I researched everything I could possibly find about kissing and finally came to an end…something that I thought would never happen! With the kissing trivia at an end, the book is almost ready to go. We are aiming for a May release.