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What would you do if you went to sleep one night and suddenly found yourself living someone else’s life who lives half-way around the world? Would you embrace the experience or be terrified and freeze-up? Follow my character, Lauren Jones, and find out what happens along her journey in the hypangogic state.


Love & Kisses, the love trivia sequel is due for release on January 23, in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day!L&KFRONT (2)

In case you missed my interview by Carol Anders on Asheville ‘N the Arts, here’s the link:

We’ve revised the cover for our soon-to-be released love trivia book, Love & Kisses, to a summer theme for a July debut.L&KFRONT

Tune in today at 11:00 A.M. EST to Asheville ‘N the Arts on WPVM with Carol Anders. We will be covering a wide variety of topics from self publishing to my upcoming podcast, Storm Session.

frontcover5Love & Kisses, otherwise known as Love Trivia II, is almost ready for publication. I researched everything I could possibly find about kissing and finally came to an end…something that I thought would never happen! With the kissing trivia at an end, the book is almost ready to go. We are aiming for a May release.


This is our working cover for our second love trivia book. The new book will contain all new love trivia plus an entire section about kissing; everything from the science of kissing to how kissing evolved.

We had aimed for a Valentine’s Day release, but things just didn’t come together in time, so it’s on to plan b and a new release date.

We are also still working on a love trivia game, so you will be able to test your knowledge and challenge your friends about some of the stranger than fiction facts about love.

Jennifer Taylor won a set of freshwater pearl jewelry.

A signed copy of Basking in the Light goes to the following raffle winners:

Valentina Bagaric
Kelle Campbell
Sheila Korman
Melinda Dean
Dee Johnson
Madelyn Martin
Robert Devon
Terry Irving
Laura Thomas
Kathy Osborn
Molly Laird
Jeanette Gren
Shelly West Nunez Hoernig
Glen Megrill

Congratulations to all!