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Molecular biologist, Dr. Bill Andrews, describes his experiences as an ultramarathon runner at the age of 65.


Brian T. Shirley headshot

Comedian Brian T. Shirley shares his view of his hometown, Charleston, South Carolina.

Molecular biologist and gerontologist, dr-bill-andrews-headshotDr. Bill Andrews, shares the best nutrition and supplements to achieve healthy longevity.

Public speaker and intuitive counselor, Dr. Steven Hairfield, explains why finding our soul mate could end up being our worst nightmare. dr-steven-hairfield-headshot

We are making the final preparations for my upcoming podcast, Storm Session. Stay tuned for some fascinating guests talking about topics ranging from anti-aging to serial killers!D&C_SaylorStormPodCast-icon-Final small-1500px

IMG_1450 (1)IMG_1448We’ve worked out the last final glitches for remote interviews and are going full steam ahead. Stay tuned for a wide variety of very intelligent and informative guests!

In case you missed my interview by Carol Anders on Asheville ‘N the Arts, here’s the link:

We’ve revised the cover for our soon-to-be released love trivia book, Love & Kisses, to a summer theme for a July debut.L&KFRONT

Tune in today at 11:00 A.M. EST to Asheville ‘N the Arts on WPVM with Carol Anders. We will be covering a wide variety of topics from self publishing to my upcoming podcast, Storm Session.