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Poor Kate really has her hands full. Her father is going in for heart surgery tomorrow, her legal problems back in England are mounting and she just found out that Kenneth Alexander is trying to write a “tell all” book from prison. Arnie was the one who told her what her ex husband was up to. They are banding together to stop the good doctor from profiting in any way from his diabolical deeds.

Life in Tahoe seems pretty simple and easy. The weather is still holding out…..today was perfect, warm, sunny, and the leaves are still turning. The hiking trails around here are endless.

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  1. Daisy says:

    I can’t say much more than perfect . The past few mohnts I’ve been reading some yA! questions asking to read their story, and I think I’ve come upon the best so far Your writing is very descriptive and lovely. It holds a unique style. I was sucked in immediately. The kite comparison was brilliant!I would consider publishing gamer

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