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Ocytoxin is a fascinating hormone. Known as the bonding hormone, women produce it during the first trimester of pregnancy as well as during childbirth and breastfeeding. We produce oxytocin when we fall in love and in more so when we settle into a relationship after 18 months or so.

Studies have shown that autistic children have less than normal amounts of the hormone, while children with William’s syndrome produce higher than normal levels.

Babies’ oxytocin levels are raised when in contact with their mothers while adoptive babies level stay the same.

The bonding hormone and its effects with supplementation is currently being explored. Initial finings show that instead of helping people feel calmer in awkward social settings, the chemical equivalent makes people overly sensitive to their surroundings.

Would our world be better served with a bonding hormone or supplement or should we just leave mother nature alone?

One Response to “Oxytocin, the Bonding Hormone”

  1. Jester says:

    As a guy I can give you a clear perspective on this. Men are FAR more horny than women. As such, our atctirtaon doesn’t start emotionally. It starts chemically (in our pants). We are more prone to wanting sex than a relationship or love. We do feel the same way when we are in the same position as a woman, but usually we are not in that position. As a young boy (12-20) all us guys think about is sex. We don’t realize the emotional consequences. Losing our virginity is of absolute importance. The girl is not. Once we lose our virginity it’s about racking up a score. If your boyfriend is saying all the right things then he clearly won’t mind waiting a year or two or three. He loves you right? You would wait for him. Why can’t he wait for you? Because he just wants to get in your pants. To the girl losing her virginity not knowing why he would want you EVERY guy loves to take a virgins cherry. We trip over eachother to have that honor. Trust me, there are many more of us that would love to be with your body. Now, you need to realize that your mind is worth it too. Until then, don’t be with anyone. These are the pitfalls of youth. It’s why I recommend waiting till 18. You have learned most of the tricks by then and you are more in control of your emotions. If you think you are smart now then wait till you see the difference a few more years make!

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