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Brian T. Shirley headshot

Comedian Brian T. Shirley shares his view of his hometown, Charleston, South Carolina.

dr-jack-brown-body-language-and-emotional-intelligence-expertBody language expert, Dr. Jack Brown, describes some of the best ways to tell if someone is attracted to us.

Storm Session episode #3

We are making the final preparations for my upcoming podcast, Storm Session. Stay tuned for some fascinating guests talking about topics ranging from anti-aging to serial killers!D&C_SaylorStormPodCast-icon-Final small-1500px

We’ve revised the cover for our soon-to-be released love trivia book, Love & Kisses, to a summer theme for a July debut.L&KFRONT

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Several months ago I purchased the necessary equipment to start a podcast: speakers, microphone, headphones and an audio interface.  Getting started appeared to by an easy task, but was not the case. Only some of the sounds were registering and at first it seemed to be an equipment issue, but a trip back to the store of purchase ruled that out. Now the culprit seems to be software related even though both garage band and audacity are not working successfully.


Once the equipment is up and running it will take some time to get familiar with the equipment and editing procedures. Once completed we will be ready to roll with interviews with local authors and artists as well as readings from my books. Please stay tuned as I learn my way through this process.

Jennifer Taylor won a set of freshwater pearl jewelry.

A signed copy of Basking in the Light goes to the following raffle winners:

Valentina Bagaric
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Congratulations to all!

Up for Review: Basking in the Light by Saylor Storm

Basking in the Light

Title: Basking in the Light

Author: Saylor Storm

Published: October 6th, 2015

Genre: Thriller

Age Recommendation: 18+

Formats Available: Mobi, ePub


~ Synopsis ~


Ambitious budding reporter, Ellen Singer, grows weary of being alone and pursues a partner through an online dating site; it turns out to be the worst decision of her life.

Disappearing into thin air, Ellen leaves her family and friends to fear the worst. Determined to find the missing journalist, seasoned FBI agent, Arnie Darrow, joins the search in the race against time. Is he able to find Ellen before an untimely demise and does Ellen even want to survive her horrific experience?



~ About the Author ~


Saylor Storm

Reality becomes fantasy, or is it that imagination turns into real life experience? Saylor Storm is fascinated by how frequently the line between reality and fantasy crosses in her writing practice. She feels that writing novels is an astonishing way to play with something from real life and turning into something fun or playful and sometimes a bit twisted. Her characters all experience real life joy and pain, reinvention, survival and victory. They share the process of evolution and expansion.

The places in her stories take place where she has lived or visited, from the beaches of Malibu to the islands in Fiji and destinations in between, including the monastery in one of her novels. Saylor’s stories reflect her many personal interests including fitness, wine, healthy foods. She’s intrigued by the spiritual world and that of metaphysics.

She hopes the reader is as entertained reading her books as she is writing them. One of Saylor’s many passions is hiking. Readers can enjoy fabulous photos of her treks posted on her Facebook page, author Saylor Storm. She loves hearing from her readers.



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Destiny Awaits Alayna with award






Destiny Awaits Cover










Would you like to be famous? In what way?

I’ve often thought about this scenario. On one hand I’d love to be famous. It

would be nice to live day-to-day without worrying about whether I’ll be able to

pay the bills this month and put food on the table for my children. It’d also be

nice to receive recognition for the accomplishments that made me famous. On

the other hand, I’m a very private person and love having my space. I couldn’t

deal with the pressure of being in the spotlight, having people follow my every

move, or always being judged. I guess the real question I’d have to ask myself is

would I be willing to give up my privacy in order to support my family. The

answer to that question is absolutely.

Before making a telephone call, do you rehearse what you are going to say?

I’m terrible on the phone. I have a slight phobia of talking to people that I don’t

know and so when I’m put in a situation that requires me to talk, whether in

person or on the phone, I become a stuttering mess. So yes, I rehearse what I

want to say so that I can go into the conversation with a plan but it usually never

goes the way I want it to. I’d prefer to text or email any day.

If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it


That’s a hard question! I guess if I had to pick one thing to change it would be

that I wish I had grown up around family. We moved around a lot when I was a

kid and so I was only able to see some family members on special occasions like

holidays. The older I got, the less family came around and we hardly had the

chance to go visit them since they all live out of state. As time passes, bonds

become weaker and so I only have a couple of extended relatives that visit


What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

My greatest accomplishment by far is giving birth to two beautiful, healthy

daughters. No doubt about it.

What projects are you working on now?

I’m half done writing a paranormal thriller titled The Stager. I’m really excited

about it and hope to have it done soon. I started it a couple years ago but had to

put it aside. I also have book two in the Juniper Grove Chronicles started but it

will likely be awhile before I’m able to get back to it. I’m not the type of writer

who can write multiple books a year. I wish I were though.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I’d love to let readers know about an exciting new program that I offer. It is the

JGBS Review Library and readers can receive a free review copy of the books we

have listed in exchange for posting their honest review to Amazon. Each and

every review, whether positive or negative, help authors and so I want to try

everything I can to help my fellow authors succeed. So if any readers would like

to show their support for authors, please stop by the JGBS Review Library at

Jaidis Shaw Author









Juniper Grove Book Solutions

Title: Destiny Awaits

Series: Juniper Grove Chronicles Book 1

Author: Jaidis Shaw

Published: July 18th, 2014

Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly


Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Awards: 2015 Readers’ Favorite Book Award

Finalist – YA Paranormal


She wants a normal life. They want her dead.

Destiny has other plans.

Twenty-year-old Alayna Scott receives visions

around water, but even her foresight couldn’t

prepare her for the tragic accident that claimed the

lives of her parents. With everything she loves

gone, Alayna packs up and moves to the small

town of Juniper Grove in hopes of starting over.

Jayden McKnight can’t explain the attraction that he feels whenever Alayna is near, but he does

know that he will do whatever it takes to win her heart. When a vampire selects Alayna as his

next victim, Jayden will stop at nothing to ensure her safety – even if that means bringing

Alayna into a world that she never knew existed.

Love blossoms, challenges are made, and Alayna will find herself fighting not only to survive,

but to understand what she has become.


Barnes & Noble:



Amazon Author Page:







Juniper Grove Book Solutions:


Sunlight caught the crystal that hung from the rear view mirror, and rainbow bursts of color

radiated throughout the car. My parents and I had gotten up early so that we could make the three

hour drive to my uncle’s house, but from the line of backed up traffic in front of us, it seemed

that it would take us longer. I leaned back in my seat and let the music blaring in my earbuds

help pass the time. My mother turned in her seat in the front, and I glanced at her. Seeing her

mouth my name, I pulled one side of the earbuds out of my ear.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“I asked if you were hungry,” she replied. “Your father thinks that we should get off the

interstate at the next exit and grab something to eat while the traffic clears up.”

“Sure, that’s fine with me. It’s a good idea, anyway, since Uncle John turned vegetarian. There’s

no telling what he’s going to try to get us to eat.”

My father’s hearty laugh rumbled through the car. “Do you remember that rolled up spinach

thing he tried to feed us last time?”

“How could I forget?” I said.

Mom sprung to her brother’s defense. “It wasn’t so bad.”

“Then how come you didn’t eat it? I saw you slip it to the dog when you thought nobody was

watching.” My father glanced at my mother while she tried to come up with a retort.

“If you saw that, then it’s obvious that I wasn’t sneaky enough.” She crossed her arms over her

chest and stared out the window.

My dad laughed as he flipped on the turn signal and merged into the right lane, coming to a stop

behind a logging truck. I looked at the long logs protruding from the flatbed. “It always makes

me nervous when they hang off like that,” I said. A shiver raced over my body.

“It’s okay. They make sure to load them on so that they won’t come off,” my dad reassured me.

I opened my mouth to reply but stopped when I heard a screech of tires behind us. Turning my

head, I locked eyes with the man in the driver’s seat of the truck that was hurtling toward us. The

truck slammed into the back of our car, and my mother’s scream echoed in the tight space around

me. A shower of white stars filled my vision as pain ripped through my shoulder and cut off my

own scream. As the darkness closed in around me, I heard the faint shrill of sirens in the






October 22, 2015

A Perfect Storm – An Interview with Author Saylor Storm

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For Saylor Storm, reality becomes fantasy, or is it that imagination turns into real life experience?


Saylor Storm is fascinated by how frequently the line between reality and fantasy crosses in her writing practice. She feels that writing novels is an astonishing way to play with something from real life and turning into something fun or playful and sometimes a bit twisted.

Her characters all experience real life joy and pain, reinvention, survival and victory. They share the process of evolution and expansion. The places in her stories take place where she has lived or visited, from the beaches of Malibu to the islands in Fiji and destinations in between, including the monastery in one of her novels.

Saylor’s stories reflect her many personal interests including fitness, wine, healthy foods. She’s intrigued by the spiritual world and that of metaphysics. She hopes the reader is as entertained reading her books as she is writing them.

One of Saylor’s many passions is hiking. Readers can enjoy fabulous photos of her treks posted on her Facebook page, author Saylor Storm. She loves hearing from her readers. You can reach her at

Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Website

Her latest book is entitled ‘Basking in the Light’.


So Saylor, tell my readers something about your self.

If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

I would want to go back and see what life would have been like if my mother had not passed at away at an early age. When she died everything in my family’s life was permanently altered.

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?

The ability to sing: to know what it is like to move people emotionally just from the sound of my voice.

What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

Having my son. I didn’t have an easy time getting him here and he has turned out to be an extraordinarily capable and compassionate human being.

What projects are you working on now?

We are working on a second love trivia book for Valentine’s Day. This one will have an emphasis on the science of kissing. I’m completing the third book in the Sue’s Journey trilogy called Sue’s Legacy and I have started my first fantasy romance that does not have a working name yet. All three books will be released in 2016.

What’s next on the horizon for you?

I have dozens of book ideas in several different genres though I am most anxious to venture into the fantasy genre. I will be teaching more classes on social media marketing for authors.

Now tell us about ‘Basking in the Light’.

The story is about an ambitious budding reporter, Ellen Singer, who grows weary of being alone and pursues a partner through an online dating site; it turns out to be the worst decision of her life. Courted by a handsome, successful author, she is abducted and held captive by his murderous younger brother on a remote island. Ellen fights for her health and sanity while in captivity. She is forced to witness monstrous acts by her captor all the while dependent on him for her survival. Ultimately she is saved by seasoned FBI agent, Arnie Darrow, and rushed to the hospital in a fight for her life. Family and friends stand by hoping for Ellen’s complete recovery. The young reporter pulls through only to struggle with the psychological aftermath of her abduction. Is tenacious Ellen capable of returning to her former self or is she forever altered by her horrific experience? And, what part, if any, does Arnie Darrow play in her recovery?

Where can readers find buy your book?

They can buy ‘Basking in the Light’ at BARNES & NOBLE  or at AMAZON.


Listen to author Saylor Storm as she discusses her new release, Basking in the Light!


TWO GREAT PRIZES during Saylor Storm’s blog tour. Register to win a SIGNED copy of  BASKING IN THE LIGHT. There will be 15 copies given away. Also Saylor is giving away cultured pearl jewelry set of a necklace and bracelet.

Register to Win on Saylor Storm Raffle Webpage:

Finally – Two-4-One Limited Time BONUS :

Purchase Basking in the Light, and receive the novella Reclamation FREE … After purchase send Saylor an email at  And Saylor will respond with your bonus book.

Tell us where you are from and a little about yourself?


I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and wrote my first short story in grammar school. It was about a

boy whose toy tin truck was given to the government in a metal drive during WWII that eventually

became part of the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the first atom bomb. A ten-year-old thinking

about nuclear holocaust? I was a weird kid. I didn’t write another story until I was in college. A SyFy work

written in the style of the Golden Age of Scientific Fiction writers. Then, about twenty years ago, I

started writing fiction. I should have kept writing at ten.


What was hardest part of creating this work?


In a way, MURRAN as a story has been blessed. Once I finished my research and started writing, the

story told itself.


What was your inspiration for writing this work?


Many years ago, back in the 80s, and based on some of my experiences growing up in Brooklyn, I was

aware of gang members. On the streets you had no choice. Those young teens saw themselves as

‘warriors’ – bad asses, having to prove themselves. As a writer, I thought what if one of the teens in the

gang really wanted to prove his courage. Really show he was a ‘warrior’. Like hunting a bear with

nothing but a knife. But I thought, that wouldn’t work. No bears in Brooklyn unless you break into the

Brooklyn Zoo. I didn’t know where to go with that at the time so the idea just sat in the back of my head.

A decade or so later, I went on African Safari and learned about the Maasai tribe and of their ‘rite of

passage’ to manhood by killing a lion.  Hey! I thought. What if the gang member tried to hunt and kill a

lion? But there were no lions in Brooklyn and that’s when I realized that if the gang member was an

African-American, I could figure a way for him to get to Africa and kill his lion to become a warrior.  The

story of MURRAN just fell into place after that.


Of all the ethnic cultures you could have used, why did you select the black culture?


The story of MURRAN led me there: To make my main character an African-American. But it also gave

me a vehicle to pursue an alienation theme. If any ethnic group in our country has been alienated the

most, it’s the Africa-Americans because of the manner that they arrived to America. When asked what

tribe are you from of an African-American – there is no answer. But almost every other ethnic and

European culture in our society can point to a ‘tribe’ they came from. MURRAN gives me the

opportunity to provide a way for the threatened culture of the Maasai tribe – a proud and brave culture

with a strong rite of passage for their youth – to be introduced and hopefully embraced by today’s

African-Americans who seem to want to live a true African culture.


It seems that you didn’t let much hold you back when adding descriptive backdrop to the story – could

you share some of the personal history you have and added while writing?


I wanted the book to be real. Gritty. Raw. The characters and their experiences, and the locals are

composites from real biographies or autobiographies of gang and Maasai life.  The backdrop of the story

comes from my personal experiences of growing up in Brooklyn combined with a large amount of

research on the Maasai.


We know that you wrote this work with a purpose – in your own words – what did you want to convey

to the readers?


I wanted to show that Black America once had a true unique culture that was abandoned in the mid 20th

century for what they claim is an African-American culture today.  African Americans had a unique Black

culture called the Black Renaissance and it took place in the early part of the 20th century. A Renaissance

steeped in values and a culture unique to Blacks. The music, literature, way of life and culture were a big

draw to the ‘swells’ in Manhattan. Drawing them to Harlem at night to enjoy it. I learned about this era

of Black culture from a book by Tony Brown – part of my research for MURRAN – and how the core

fabric of the black community was torn apart. I myself experienced some of the fragments of the Black

Renaissance as a youth while going to night school at CCNY in Harlem.


Do you worry that you may be called a racist for your remarks in the book?


Any racist views – supposed or otherwise – held in the book come from my characters own life

experiences. The Grandmother speaks of the Black Renaissance from her personal experience of the

times and how it shaped her opinion of the next generation of Blacks calling themselves African-

American.  Matumbo, as a true African, comes to America to study and can’t understand the attempt of

Blacks Americans calling themselves African.  The characters use the ‘N’ word. I personally do not, and

find it demeaning. In the book, it is only the Black characters that use the derogatory language – not the

whites in the story.


Still, you claim that the values held by the Black community in your book are not racist.


The values proposed in the book for today’s black community are those of the Maasai. Trey learns of

these values and sees how the Maasai community successfully works while his Black community does

not. When Trey asks why, he is told that the Maasai practice the 3 Rs. Trey replied “Readin, writin, and

rithmatic?” “Hardly” was the response he was given. The Maasai culture’s core values are Respect for

one’s self and others, Responsibility for one’s actions and their community, and the celebration of

Ritual. Is there anything racist about those values?


As a white male, did you think it might be thought of as strange writing a story about a culture you are

not a part of and can only empathize?


Let’s take an old saying about writing that goes: Write what you know.  I disagree with that.  You write

what you CAN know. I put a ton of research into my stories – then – I find a story polisher who has

experience in the subject matter and have them check my research and add dimensions to the story. As

for Africa and the Maasai, it’s research but also my personal experience of traveling to Africa several



How do you feel about your work of fiction addressing such strong moral issues?

Currently we are living in a time of deep political and cultural divides. I feel we need creative works that

hold up a mirror to those divides and propose solutions. I also believe that we need to understand and

engage on this African proverb with our youth of any color or race: “If we don’t initiate the young, they

will burn down the village to feel the heat.” Gang membership is NOT a rite of passage nor is being able

to score high in ‘Grand Theft Auto’.  As the grandmother and old Maasai shaman in MURRAN say ,

“What African-Americans need today is a revival – not a rebellion.”


How has this work impacted your life?


Murran gave me a way to explore my own alienation I experienced in my late 20s. At that time I had to

radically re-align my social and political positions that I was taught. It was during the 60s. I more or less

self-medicated myself by reading everything I could on alienation and came to realize I still had core

values I could build from. My books are, in one form or another, are a way of exploring that theme.


Do you foresee more work like this in your future or will you be moving in a different direction for your

next piece?


I am going to stay with the theme of alienation in my next book – a coming of age story of an alienated

American boy growing up against the backdrop of Japan in WWII. It’s called ‘iJin’ which means alien or

outcast. After that, I have an historical ‘WHAT IF’ thriller to write.


What does it mean to be a best-selling author?


A following: Not so much for the money – though that would be nice – but to know people enjoy what I

create and want to read more. Let’s face it. Every creative person is somewhat of a narcissist. We want

to be liked and that our creations are appreciated.


MURRAN synopsis

All Trey wants is power—power over his life, power over his community, and power

over the streets.

His father dead and his mother a drug addict, Trey and his sister Nichelle go to live with

their grandmother in Brooklyn. Surrounded by inner-city crime and conflicting ideologies, Trey

seeks security and recognition by becoming a member of a small street crew.

After being enticed into helping a larger, violent gang and framed for a crime he didn’t

commit, Trey flees to a Maasai village in Kenya with his English teacher and mentor, Mr.

Jackson. Though initially repulsed by the customs of the tribe, Trey slowly comes to value the

traditions and morals of the Masaai and understand what Black African culture truly is. Only

after battling lions, disapproving Maasai elders, and his own fears does Trey begin to understand

what true power and manhood mean and what he must do to achieve them.

Honest and unafraid, Murran is a tale of a young African-American teen coming of age

amidst the pitfalls and threats of 1980s Brooklyn, all the while learning to be the man and leader

his community needs.