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2013-09-21 03.53.00

4 Responses to “2013-09-21 03.53.00”

  1. Jhuita says:

    Dear 宥緁:Thank you for purchasing my book and siharng my book with your friends whom you think are ready.English is the easiest language. All you need is to practice more and put yourself in an English environment. This is one of the purposes of this blog. We need to learn English so we can get the info from the source and not to be screened or interpreted by some gatekeeper. You will feel empowered by engaging with the world’s best minds. Taiwan is really behind on advanced thinking, intellectual contents and diversity. We shall meet again,Ping

  2. I had no idea how to approach this before-now I’m locked and loaded.

  3. Mike – In IT, outsourcing was the preferred model post y2k. It also drove consulting rates down hard. Firms applied this leverage to cut those rates, mid contract, several times. Many were then offered ultimatums to either convert to ft status or be gone. It’s about time the public sector utilized this approach to reduce employment costs.“Something is changing here in New Jersey to help the job situation, sorry to sound like a broken record it’s called outsourcing. Our govenor is utilizing it and it’s picking up speed in the private sector.”

  4. ginettaccio · domenica, 9 dicembre 2012, 10:15 amBersani ha resuscitato il cadavere .Ha detto che non vede l’ora di confrontarsi .Altra cosa era confrontarsi con Grillo . Molto piu’ rischioso .

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