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We were all sore after our hike on the Flume trail, so we decided to take a break and head down to the footlhills for a little wine tasting.  We had been trying the El Dorado county wines all week and have been impressed.  It was a short hour and a half drive in our wonderful convertible, and of course it was another gorgeous day except for some smoke in the air caused by a fire down near Bridgeport.

Our first stop was Illuminere Winery.  The people were friendly, the tasting room light and airy and the wine wasn’t bad.  Then it was on to Holly’s Hill, I had tried their wines before and really liked them.  Last, but not least was Busby, a small family operated winery with lots of inexpensive organic wines….very good.

We checked in to our bed and breakfast, Fitzpatrick’s and headed off for a wonderful meal at Zachary Jack’s.  We are looking forward to getting up tomorrow and doing it all over again!

It was another gorgeous day in Tahoe, so we decided to have lunch once again at Edgewood Golf Course outside on the patio.  Kate and I ordered the chop chop salad, and the men had a the beef dip sandwich.  We  made a unanimous decision to spend the afternoon hiking.

After lunch we headed up to Spooner lake and parked the car, then headed up by foot on North Canyon Road to the Flume trail.  It was a scenic hour and a half hike with a steady grade up to Marlette lake.  The flume trial is apparently known as one of the best mountain biking trails around.  I would highly recommend either biking or hiking to Marlette, it’s one of the most spectacular spots around.

When we reached the top I realized that my phone had dropped out of my backpack.  Several nice people along the way helped me to find it.  It was quite an ordeal, but proved that there are still people out there wanted to do a good deed!


Yesterday was a nice relaxing day for us.  We started off having breakfast on the lake at Zephyr Cove Lodge, then headed to Round Hill Pines for an afternoon of lounging at the beach.  Our time in Tahoe is limited, so we discussed what we all want to do before we leave.  One thing we all agreed on was to hike Mount Tallac, the highest peak at the lake.  It’s an all day hike, so it’s something that we need to work up to.  Fortunately, we are all in pretty good shape.

We took a short drive up to Spooner Lake were we had an hour or so sunset hike before dinner.  We still can’t get over how beautiful it is around here.  It’s especially different for Kate and Brian who are used to rain and gloom in England.  The day was completed with a three course meal at a quaint little restaurant called Mirabelle.  We are toying with the idea of heading down the mountain for a little wine tasting.

Kate and Brian have been talking all week about the possibility of moving to the U.S., so we though it would be a good idea to look at some real estate while we are here in Tahoe.  We stopped in to the local Caldwell Banker and were greeted by a friendly realtor named Kathy.  She ended up spending most of the day with us and took through several neighborhoods.  I decided to look at some places myself, I would love to have a place in Tahoe to get away to.

Kathy showed us several family friendly neighborhoods; Glenbrook, Skyland , Round Hill and Kingsbury Grade.  The homes started in the 400k range and went up from there.  Kate and Brian had no clue of a budget, since they don’t know yet if William will be helping or not.  I looked at several townhouses and really liked the ones in Glenbrook the best, and of course they are the most expensive!

Kathy will be sending us more information on the places we were interested in.  She also recommended a little place called Sam’s for lunch.  It was great, a locals’ pub with outdoor seating.


Last night we had reservations at the highly recommended Edgewood restaurant right on the lake.  We had a sunset martini at the spectacular bar first and were well entertained by our bartender Fernie.  The food was incredible and followed by a birthday cake made in the shape of a piano.  I’d never seen anything like it!  The product of another local recommendation…Tahoe Cakes by Grace.  So far, the locals haven’t steered us wrong on anything.

Kate and Brian are so relaxed and happy together.  He presented Kate with a gorgeous blue sapphire oval ring surrounded by diamonds.  She was thrilled to say the least.  Arnie and I are still enjoying one another’s company, though I still get the sense that he’s preoccupied and distant.


Candy Dance

Today is Kate’s birthday.  We started out with another great breakfast at the Red Hut and discussed the plans for the remainder of our stay.  Birthday bash tonight and looking at real estate tomorrow.

After breakfast we headed down the mountain to Genoa, the oldest town in Nevada.  They were holding their annual Candy Dance event, a street fair full of local crafts and food.  There was even a fake gun fight in the middle of the street.  The street was packed and we ended up buying some pretty cool crafts.  It was another fun event in the area.  We will all be sad to leave here when it’s time to go, but in the mean time we are looking forward to celebrating Kate’s birthday

We made a unanimous decision at breakfast this morning to extent our stay in Tahoe.  We are just having too much fun and there are too many things to do.  We heard about Street Vibrations in Virginia City and decided to make a day of it.

There was a slight drizzle, but not enough to put the top up on the convertible.  The drive through Carson City up through the windy roads to Virginia City was spectacular.  We stopped along the way to take a quick look at the numerous “ranches” along the way.  We had no idea that so many brothels existed in the area, even though we had heard of many of them before.

Virginia City looked like something out of the wild west, old buildings that looked like they were part of a movie set.  The town was packed with motorcycles and people, lots and lots of noise.  The parade of bikes went through town, women in tow lifting their tops and receiving beaded necklaces in return.

The people watching was entertaining to say the least as we made our way through the quaint shops that lined the main street.  It was a great day, unlike anything we had experienced before.  Tomorrow we are off to an event called the “Candy Dance.”  Can’t wait to see what that’s about!


Is there any day in Tahoe that’s not perfect?  We’ve hit perfect weather the entire time that we’ve been here.  We had a beautiful lunch at the Fresh Catch.  Brian has been on a quest to find the best reuben sandwich in Lake Tahoe and today he said he found it.  The rest of us ate seafood and looked at all of the beautiful boats in the marina.

After lunch, we headed up for another hike off the rim trail at the top of Kingsbury Grade.  We climbed out to the edge of Castle Rock and had the most spectacular view of the lake.  How could anyone ever get tired of the views around here?  Between the hiking and the gambling, we are all so relaxed that we never want to go back home.  Kate and Brian are definitely having second thoughts about going back to England.

We ended up at a local pub, the Goal Post for their $1.99 burger night.  We played pool and had a great time.  The evening ended with us back at the tables at Harrah’s.  Arnie is becoming quite the blackjack player!


Brian opted not to join us today for the mini makeover of Arnie, instead he headed down to Edgewood golf course to hit a bucket of balls.  Kate and I dragged Arnie to Studio 6 hair salon.  Chris, the owner, did a great job on Arnie’s hair.  She took the disheveled salt and pepper locks and trimmed them to a short and stylish cut.  She buzzed off his long sideburns and finished the process with some Aveda products that made his hair shine and stay in place.  The new cut really shows off his twinkling his and chiseled face.  Now we can see how handsome he truly is!  He was pleased with the transformation as well.

We decided to wait on the clothes shopping until we return to LA.  We met Brian at the golf course and had lunch outside at Brook’s Bar.  What an incredible spot, views of the lake, the snow capped mountains and the golf course all at the same time!

  crash site       We started the day with Indian food at the Nikki Chat Cafe on the California side.  The food was great and was accompanied by a  watermelon margarita and some Indian coffee, both were unusual and excellent.  After lunch we headed up to the top of Kingsbury Grade for a hike.  There were several trails to chose from, but we opted for the trail that took us to the location of a plane crash from the 80’s.  You could see both the lake and the valley from the top.  Fortunately everyone was in good enough shape to make it up the steep trail.

We finished the day at the water’s edge at a cute little organic restaurant on the lake called Blue Water Bistro.  The meal was delicious, and the view spectacular.  Kate and I convinced Arnie to let us take him for a mini makeover today.  We are going to get him cleaned up, new hair cut clothes, etc.  He is a brave man!