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We ended up renting a boat and riding around the lake.  What a magnificent spot, but the water is freezing!  We toured to the other side and saw Emerald Bay.  It had been a long time since I had been on a boat.  It was fun to watch Brian, he had never been on a boat in his entire life.

Arnie and I had our date.  We ate at a very quiet, romantic spot called Evans on the California side of the lake.  The food was incredible, we ate four courses!  Arnie opened up quite a bit more about his life, how lost he has been since his wife Anna passed from breast cancer and how working on Kate’s case had given him a new sense of purpose.  He asked a lot of questions about Kate, in fact he asked more questions about her than he did about me.

Tomorrow we are going to hit the rim trail.  We’ll see how in shape or out of shape everyone is!

We walked next door last night and ate dinner at Echo in Embassy Suites.  I ordered my favorite, blackened ahi.  It was excellent as was the apple fennel salad.  After dinner we walked down to Montbleu and watched the San Francisco comedy competition.  It was funny, but long.  It was so late by the time we got out, that none of us felt like gambling.

This morning, we took another locals recommendation, and had breakfast at a little place called Thai One On.  It was nice to be able to sit outside in this beautiful weather.  Now we are debating between a hike on the Tahoe Rim Trail or a boat ride on the lake.

We decided that tonight will be date night and that each couple will have some time alone.  Should be interesting to be alone with Arnie tonight.



Lake tour

We took our convertible rental car for a tour around the lake.  What a perfect day!  We ended up having brunch at a restaurant on the other side of the lake called Sunnyside.  Everyone around here recommended it.  Great spot right on the lake, wonderful rum runners!

I must admit that I am a bit jealous of Kate and Brian’s relationship.  I’ve never seen two people so happy just to be together.  Arnie and I are getting along well, though I’m sensing some tension with him.  He tends to be a touch quiet and pensive sometimes.

We had discussed going to the Reno air races yesterday.  Good thing that we didn’t go.  All of those poor people who have died or been injured!

We haven’t decided on our plans for the evening yet.  Lots to choose from around here.  I could definitely get used to this place!


Williams’ limo took the four of us to LAX yesterday afternoon.  It was a quick hour flight to Reno and a bit bumpy landing as we had been warned about Reno.  We rented a car and made the beautiful drive up to Tahoe.  The weather is perfect, just a touch of fall in the air.  We checked into our rooms at Harrahs and the blackjack tables for a bit before heading upstairs to Friday’s station for a relaxing steak dinner while enjoying the views of Tahoe.  I have been to Tahoe before, but had forgotten how beautiful it was.  Arnie had never been and Kate and Brian had never seen anything like it, they have been in awe of this place since we arrived.

We hit the blackjack tables again after dinner and tried our hand at craps.  I didn’t have a clue what was happening, but Arnie seemed to know what he was doing.  It was two in the morning before we knew it.  Everyone headed off to bed (Arnie and I have separate rooms).  Everyone we talked to told us that we had to eat breakfast at The Red Hut, a Tahoe tradition.  We enjoyed the food and the quaint atmosphere and will definitely eat there again while we are here.

We spent the afternoon playing tourist a bit, walking around the Stateline area.  We played the poker machines for an hour or so, then we all had messages and saunas this afternoon.  Out to dinner later and no doubt some more gambling!



Kate called this morning and said that her dad is sending her to Tahoe for a week with Brian for her birthday.  He is keeping the kids.  She wanted to know if Arnie and I would like to join them.  A week in Tahoe?  Sure.  We leave tomorrow.  Lots to do today to get ready.


More Romance

Just finished the first draft of my new novel With Malicious Intent.  The story takes place in Virginia, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia.   It should be published by the end of October.  I started writing a new book this week as well called Double Down and it revolves around the Nevada gaming industry.

I spoke with Kate earlier and filled her in on my date with Arnie.  I reported that all went well and that we have plans to go out again over the weekend.  She received a call from him and he was happy with the date as well.  We’ll see what happens….



Great date last night.  Arnie and I met at Ivy at the Shore (one of my old favorites).  We ordered a crisp bottle of chardonnay and  talked for the next two hours.  He told me quite a bit about his life.  He married rather young, had one daughter and his wife passed rather suddenly a couple of years ago from breast cancer.  He’s been feeling rather lost ever since.  Becoming an FBI agent is part of his trying to find himself again – to start a new life.  He’s completely lost in the dating world, but ready to give it a try.

I had my favorite lobster ravioli and we split a key lime pie for dessert.  After dinner we walked down to the Santa Monica Pier and had a nice romantic stroll.  There was a very nice good night kiss at the end of the evening.  He didn’t seem so out of practice to me!


Arnie called last night.  We talked for about 20 minutes.  He’s loving his time here and not looking forward to leaving for Virginia in a couple of weeks to begin his FBI training.  We made plans to eat at Ivy at the Shore tonight.  Nice romantic spot. I’m going to spend the day getting ready…, nails, the whole bit.  Who knows what might happen tonight.



Kate and I met yesterday at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica to spend the afternoon together.  We walked around doing some window shopping and it gave me an idea about Arnie.  I brought it up to Kate while we were having lunch at Trastevere, my favorite spot on the promenade.  I thought it would be fun to do a bit of a makover on Arnie.  Kate loved the idea.  She agrees with me that he’s a diamond in the rough and could be quite something with a little help.

I must admit that I’m started to get a little excited about my next date with Arnie.  He’s supposed to call tonight to set up a date for later in the week.  Kate is very happy with her life right now, in fact there has been some discussion in the Hansen house about Kate and Brian moving to California permanently.  She could easily get back in to performing again if she wanted to.

After lunch, we went shopping for Arnie.  We found a gorgeous moss green cashmere v- neck sweater.  It was a start.  We finished the day by seeing  the movie “One Day”.  Good movie, but a definite chick flick.

I picked up Arnie last night at the Hansen house and took him over to Nobu for sushi.  interesting date.  It was his first experience with sushi and I don’t think he knew what to make of it.  He is a very handsome man, though a bit in need of some new clothes and a little grooming.  A diamond in the rough one might say.  We mostly talked about his plans to go back to Alexandria for FBI training.  He was so immersed in Kate’s case that he decided to change his career path.  He didn’t say much about his personal life, but we have plans to go out again sometime this week.