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Poor Kate really has her hands full. Her father is going in for heart surgery tomorrow, her legal problems back in England are mounting and she just found out that Kenneth Alexander is trying to write a “tell all” book from prison. Arnie was the one who told her what her ex husband was up to. They are banding together to stop the good doctor from profiting in any way from his diabolical deeds.

Life in Tahoe seems pretty simple and easy. The weather is still holding out… was perfect, warm, sunny, and the leaves are still turning. The hiking trails around here are endless.

Apparently William is having some serious health issues, so Kate, Brain and the kids have decided to extend their stay until William is stabilized.  In the meantime, she asked me if I would consider going with her to find her mother in Palm Springs. They haven’t seen each other since Kate was a baby and it’s been foremost on Kate’s mind lately. I agreed to go, hopefully next week. I hope that her mother will be receptive to the reunion, if not it could end up being a disaster.

Tahoe is starting to turn cold, but no snow in sight yet. I started crossfit yesterday and did it again today. My arms and legs were shaking today when I was done, it sure seems like a good workout.


Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake


Diabetic dog

Arnie called last night. He’s exhausted from all of the training, but said he was glad that we had been working out, at least he wasn’t completely out of shape. He seems to be adjusting well to his new environment.

Kate called as well. They are making their plans for the wedding back in England. I promised that I would go, even though they don’t have a date set yet. They will be heading back to England soon. I hope to get back down to LA to see them before they take off.

Getting settled in. The weather is still holding out, but seems to be turning a bit cold today. Not quite sure if I’m ready yet for winter to arrive. Today I’m stocking up on supplies for my diabetic dog. She needs a steady supply of insulin and special dog food. Carson City is probably the best bet around here.

Great photo session with Karen at Image Angels for the back cover of the upcoming paperback version of Dr. Selfish. Karen was very professional and made the session fun. I would definitely go back to her again. Annette Watkins did a great job on the make-up as well.

Getting settled in in Tahoe. It’s feeling like summer here right now, pretty nice for late October. Kathy found me a great little house with plenty of room for company.

Kate called last night, she and Brian had a big fight over Arnie. I guess Brian was getting a little jealous over all the attention that Arnie had been paying to Kate. Good thing that he’s back in Virginia for awhile. I hope that he finds someone new there.

Everything is wrapped up in LA for the moment, I’ll have to come back down soon. Yesterday was a long beautiful ride up 395 to Tahoe. It still feels like summer up here. I checked back into Harrah’s until all of the paper work is finished on the new house. It’s nice to be back in Tahoe, but feels strange without Kate, Brian and Arnie. It will be nice to reconnect with some old friends here and make some new ones.

Yesterday I had my first experience car shopping via Craig’s list. It was a little scary. I would recommend that anyone using Craig’s list take someone with them when meeting a total stranger for the first time. You have no idea what you might be walking into. I was a little fearful of the potential seller, but fortunately had two males friends with me.  Needless to say, the car purchase was a bust. Still looking for a nice all wheel or four wheel drive for the Tahoe winter.

We are putting the finishing touches on the paperback version of Dr. Selfish. It should be available on Amazon or through my web site by next week. Thank all of your for being so supportive of my writing endeavors!


Getting everything ready for the move to Tahoe. Today I’m shopping for a snow vehicle. I doubt that my little convertible will make it through the winter up there. Kathy is working on getting all of the paper work together so that I can be up there and sign everything by the weekend.

Kate, Brian and the kids will be leaving next week to go back to England. I wonder if they will end up turning around and moving back to the states soon.

Arnie made is plane this morning and is off to start his new life in Virginia. He sure looks different than when he arrived here a month ago! Hopefully, he has more self confidence as well.

I made a decision to buy a place in Tahoe and spend the winter up there. I’ll call my realtor friend Kathy today and see if any of the places that we looked up are still available. I’ll need a place that’s big enough for people to come and visit. our trip up there was just too much fun, I can’t wait to get back.

The Hansen’s hosted a big farewell barbeque for Arnie at William’s house. He’s been here for so long, it feels like he lives here. His FBI training starts this week, so it’s time for him to get to Alexandria and get on with his new life. I noticed that he was very emotional saying goodbye to Kate. He really does have a thing for her. She was a bit emotional as well, after all he did save her life. Maybe he will meet someone new in Virgnina. He has become a good friend to me over these past weeks and I’m sure that he and I will be in touch on a regular basis.

We had our last hike together this morning in Sycamore Park. Arnie confided that he is nervous about his future and about starting the FBI program. He is mostly insecure about his personal life. I assured him that he has all of the qualities that he needs to find an appropriate partner, he just needs to get over his hang up with Kate!