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Pearls in the 1950's

The elegant strand of pearls became a standard accessory in every woman’s wardrobe  in the 1950’s.




Beautiful spot to spend Thanksgiving. Kate called, feeling very blue about being back in England and missing out on Thanksgiving all together this year. She was really sad about not being with  William after their time together, and worrying about his heart and his health. Brian and she have decided to have the wedding in England, thought they are still up in the air about where they will live after the wedding.

They drove up to the monastery to see Master Harrison. I’ve heard so much about that man, I can’t wait to meet him. He will be performing the wedding services at the monastery. Sounds like a picturesque location.

I heard from Arnie as well. His training is winding down and he’s actually working on a few cases. His dating life has picked up tremendously, but he still asks an awful lot of questions about Kate. He will be at the wedding as well.

I drove down to Malibu this weekend to check on William, as requested by Kate.  He is recovery very quickly from his heart surgery. The weather was gorgeous, hard to believe for November. I stopped and lunch with an old friend in Santa Barbara on the way back home. It was warm enough to sit outside at restaurant on State Street with nothing but shorts and sleeveless shirts.

I stopped to see another friend in Stockton, who is renovating his hotel, the University Plaza. The upper floors of the hotel are being turned into housing for University students. The rooms are all new, very attractive, include laundry service and room service at a very reasonable price. If I were a student, I would definitely want to live at the Plaza!

I heard from Kate. They all made it back to Newcastle safe and sound, but she’s not very happy to be home. It sounds like they returned to complete chaos. The media was waiting for them when they arrived, something that they had not anticipated. They’ve been hounded ever since. There was flood in the house while they were gone and piles of bills have mounting. The rest and relaxation of California has come to a screeching halt and now it’s back to reality. To top everything off, Liz’s wedding is coming up soon and she wants Kate’s help with all of the planning. It will be interesting to see how they feel about England after things settle down. I still have a feeling that they are going to end up back in the U.S.

My book, Dr. Selfish just became available on itunes. It will be available in paperback in about two weeks.

Just received a new shipment of pearls, some beautiful new pieces to win in upcoming contests!


William is back home after his heart surgery. Kate, Brian and the kids wrapped up their visit in Malibu and are on a plane headed back to Newcastle. They have quite a legal mess to deal with when they get home, making sure that the kids are all legal citizens, etc. The plans are on for a wedding in the near future, but the couple hasn’t made up their minds where the wedding will take place. Looks like I may be taking a trip to England sometime soon.

Fun event at Harrahs last night, the annual soroptimist wine tasting. Numerous wineries participated from our neighboring El Dorado county: Gold hill, Grace Patriot, Holly’s Hill, Lava Cap, Madrona , Perry Creek, Shadow Ranch and Sierra Vista. The wines were excellent and so was the food from many of our local restaurants. I’ve been to this event before and both the food and wine selections have definitely improved!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the guess my car contest.  Bracelets were won by Brice Yatchak, Christine Nixon and Deborah Graham for guessing the make model and color of my winter vehicle. By the way, thanks to Juan at Lexus for Reno for making what is normally a painful experience of buying a car into a pleasant experience.  I would highly recommend to anyone who is shopping for a vehicle to talk to Juan at Lexus of Reno.

Our next contest will be starting soon and this time will revolve around my next novel, With Malicious Intent, and the prize will be more pearls. Please check the blog for details.

Fashion Show

Beautiful Taryn modeling freshwater pearls at the Sarah Renee fashion show last June.

We have two winners so far on the guess my car pearl bracelet contest. Brice Yatchak guessed the make correctly and Christine Nixon guessed the model. There’s still a bracelet left to anyone who can guess the color……….it’s not white, silver, blue or black!