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William came through his heart surgery with flying colors and he’s already back home. According to Kate, he’s a bit grumpy about the special diet that the doctors have him on. William is a man who does not like to be told what to do or eat for that matter.

Kate didn’t wait for me to go with her to see her long lost mother, though she dragged Brian along with her to Palm Desert. I guess it wasn’t the happiest of reunion, Kate’s mom, Julia was less then warm and receptive. Kate was still glad that they went and she hopes to have some sort of relationship with Julia from this point on. I’m not holding my breath on that one!

Arnie is doing well in his FBI training, though he still has aches and pains from the physical training. His love life seems to be picking up, he says that he has had numerous dates while he’s been in Alexandria. I’m not surprised, since the little makeover that Kate and I did on him, he is quite a handsome man. He’s probably fighting them off with a stick at this point. The best part is that he doesn’t even realize how good looking he is.

There’s still time to vote for the back cover of my book, Dr. Selfish. The paperback version will be out very soon and it looks like the serious face is the winner so far. My next book, With Malicious Intent, will be out very soon as an ebook first.

There are still two freshwater pearl bracelets to win. Just go to the comment section of my blog and guess the color or model of my Lexus. Brice Yatchak won the first bracelet by guessing the make of the car.

Keep checking back, there will be many more contests and give aways coming soon!


littlest pearl tester

littlest pearl tester

Some women are just born with the natural instinct to test pearls for their authenticity!

baby's first pearls

baby's first pearls

You can never be too young to have your first strand of real pearls!

So far on the guess my car contest, we have ruled out VW and Volvo, as well as white, silver or blue. Keep guessing!

Edgewood Sunset

Beautiful sunset at a party last night at Edgewood Golf Course.  A fresh layer of snow covered the sand.

Great success yesterday buying a winter vehicle. The negotiating took the entire afternoon, but I think I ended up with a nice, reliable car for winter, and not a moment to soon. It dumped snow last night all the way home form the dealership.

I will give a free multi colored freshwater pearl bracelet to three people who can guess what make of car I bought, what the model is (I’m looking for two letter not a number – there’s a hint!), and what color the vehicle is. The first to guess correctly in each category will be sent a pearl bracelet. I’ll be dropping hints, so keep reading……..





It looks like winter is finally making it’s way to Tahoe today, hard to believe it was almost 80 degrees 2 days ago. Still no winter vehicle. This could get interesting. It’s supposed to snow for the next 2 days.

Arnie called, he’s struggling a bit through his FBI training. Most of the trainees are half his age. He likes what he’s doing and looking forward to getting out into the field. He asked numerous questions about Kate, of course. I hope that he finds someone soon and gets over his crush on her.

Going to upgrade my iphone today and possibly upgrade my laptop to a mac. I’ve worn most of the letters off of my keyboard, so I guess it’s time .

Thanks to everyone who has been participating in the vote for the back cover image for Dr. Selfish. The serious face seems to be the clear winner so far, but there is still time to vote.

The images are in from last week’s photo session at Image Angels. Please help me decide which photo should be used on the back cover of my new book, titled Dr. Selfish. I’m going to let you choose by voting for one of the three images at