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It’s been a long couple of days of travel, but I finally made it to Newcastle. I met Arnie in Boston and we had a nice , long flight to catch up on everything. His life has changed quite a bit since he started with the FBI. His love life has kicked into high gear having dates most nights of the week, but he still seems overly attached to Kate and interested in every detail of her life. I wonder if it’s Kate that he’s really obsessed with or that he still is grieving the death of his wife and is using Kate as a substitute.

He filled me in on a case that he has been working on as part of his training. It involves poisoning, embezzlement and has some interesting twists and turns. He also happens to be dating one of the women who is involved with the case on the periphery.

It had been many years since I made the train ride from London to Newcastle. I had forgotten how much I love the countryside. We are meeting up with Kate today to help with any last minute preparations for the wedding. Kate and brian are still blissfully happy….at least that hasn’t changed.

Looking forward to the drive up to Northumberland tomorrow and meeting the infamous Master Harrison.

I’m leaving tonight on the red-eye to Boston. I’ll hook up with Arnie in the morning and we will fly together to Heathrow, then catch the train on the Newcastle. Kate and Brian’s Wedding is planned for Saturday. Arnie and I will have plenty of time to catch up on the plane.

Kate and I have been having some long talks this week. She has been completely stressed about William’s health, all of her legal issues with the kids and the upcoming marriage, not to mention all of the wedding plans. She and Brian are as solid as ever and they have no misgivings about moving forward together in their lives.

It should be a fun trip and quite the celebration considering all that the couple has been through thanks to good old Dr. Kenneth Alexander!



Rick Tisdale of Asheville, North Carolina guessed correctly the Fiji Islands as the setting for my upcoming novel, With Malicious Intent. Congratulations Rick!

There is still a pair of freshwater pearl earrings available to anyone who can guess what foreign country my upcoming book, With Malicious Intent, takes place. This foreign country is mostly Christian and has a 93 percent rate of literacy.

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Todays hint for the earring contest: Seven US presidents are buried in this state.


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The wedding is on for next month in England. Kate and Brian will finally be making it official at the monastery in January. They’ve been knee deep in legal matters since they returned to England. Now that things are starting to settled down, they want to make it official with a wedding. The kids will all finally be legal residents of the U.K. and Brian will be their legal father.

I will plan a quick jaunt over there and Arnie has agreed to be my date for the wedding. The FBI training is over for the most part and he’s out in the field now. According to him he’s having quite the dating life . I guess that makeover that we did on him really did the trick! He still asks way too many questions about Kate. I’m hoping that when he sees her getting married to Brian that he will finally get over her once and for all!

The soon to be Bradford family is still talking about moving to the US after the wedding, but they can’t decide between the Los Angeles area and Lake Tahoe. It would be nice to have them in Tahoe, but Kate wants to be close to her dad especially while he’s having health issues. We’ll see what happens.