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In real love you want the other person’s good. In romantic love you want the other person.

– Margaret Anderson

Love is the life end of the soul. It is the harmony of the universe.

– William Ellery Channing

There is no remedy to love but to love more. – Thoreau

All in all the trip to Europe was fantastic. It was great to see Kate and Brian so happy and to know that their issues thanks to Dr. Alexander are all being resolved.

Arnie and I took a full week touring through Great Britain and Paris. I detoured on the way home and spent a couple of days in Alexandria with Arnie. I finally was able to see how he lives and to meet his new girlfriend Amy Ellsworth. They seem pretty happy, though he doesn’t look at her the same way that he looks at Kate. His FBI training is wrapping up and he will soon be traveling all over the place. He is definitely a happier Arnie than he was a year ago.

Now it’s back to work for me. I’ve been working nonstop on my next novel called Double Down. The whole thing takes place in Nevada. It’s coming along so quickly that the first draft may be done in February.

Still no snow here in Tahoe. Looks pretty strange with no snow capped mountains. We’re supposed to get some snow tonight and for the next six days. It’s Tahoe, as far as winter goes, anything can happen!

With Malicious Intent

Here’s the preliminary design for my new book cover.

Edgewood January 2012Edgewood  during a normal January

Where’s the snow?




Arnie and I just checked into the Hotel des Grandes Ecoles in the fifth arrondissement. I wanted to stay here for old times sake. I lived here years ago in the Latin Quarter while studying. There’s something very charming about this old section of Paris, not too many tourists. It’s with walking distance to Jardin des Plantes and Notre Dame, two of my favorite places.

We’ll have a couple of days here before heading home. It will be fun to show Arnie around to the Eiffel Tower and of course The Louvre. We probably won’t have time for much else except for sampling some of the incredible food!

Arnie and I decided to take a couple of days in London before heading over to Paris. We had a wonderful meal last night. I couldn’t take much more of the greasy food in Whales. We spent most of the day at Harrod’s working on Arnie’s new wardrobe again. We hit it at the right time, everything was on sale and he got some great buys. He’s definitely looking good these days and seems pretty happy.

He’s been filling me on his latest romantic interest, the mother of the woman who was the center of his last investigation. It seems like he and Amy are having a pretty good time together and have much in common both being widowers. I’m just glad to know that his focus is finally off of Kate. That was getting just a little too weird!

Arnie and I decided to extent our stay and are currently traveling through Great Britain on a week long BritRail pass. We are staying at a small B & B in Cardiff. The people are friendly, but the food is horrible. This mornings breakfast was nothing but a plate of grease! We are having a wonderful time and are trying to decide whether or not to take a couple of days and run over to Paris…it’s so close after all.

The wedding was incredible. The monastery was a perfect setting, green rolling hills. Master Harrison had written a personalized ceremony for the couple and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Kate and Brian are so happy. Their legal problems are almost all behind them. Brian has adopted Ava and the boys are legal now as well. Kate is a legal citizen now too.

The couple has decided to stay in England at least for the time being. William will be staying with them for awhile. They decided to postpone a honeymoon indefinitely. William has offered to send them anywhere in the world that they would like to go.

Elizabeth and Tom are finally engaged, no date set yet for the wedding. Catherine gave birth to a baby girl two days ago. Ava is thrilled to have another baby to help take care of. Poor Nelson recently separated from his wife. He seemed kind of lost at the wedding. Arnie did his best to try and cheer him up, he also suggested that Nelson come to the U.S. for a visit.

All in all life seems pretty good for everyone in Newcastle, especially Brian and Kate. It took them a long time to get to get to where they are and it’s great to see them so happy.

Dr. Selfish paperback cover

Dr. Selfish available soon paperback version! Thanks to everyone who voted on the back cover image. This was your pick!