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This was the first hike of the 178 mile Tahoe Rim Trail. We are dividing the hike into 14 sections, starting with the shortest and working up to the longest. This hike was 5 miles. We started in Tahoe city and ended up at Ward Creek. The first half of the hike was a steady incline with an open meadow at the top, and a rocky decline on the way down. There were tons of mosquitos, so be sure to bring some repellant!

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Thank you to the 1092 people who participated in the Goodreads giveaway for Uncorked. I just finished writing Sue’s Seduction and will be giving away 10 copies as soon as it comes out.


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This hike, behind Fallen Leaf Lake, takes about two hours round trip. Parts are very rocky and there are a couple of spots where you have to cross water on a log.
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A nice, short hour hike from Elks Point Road to the top of Roundhill and back down. The view is definitely worth the climb!

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Point Cabrillo Lighthouse in the Northern, California Mendocino area.2013-06-06 22.16.58 2013-06-06 22.06.442013-06-06 22.11.432013-06-06 21.58.232013-06-06 21.56.512013-06-06 21.51.222013-06-06 21.38.302013-06-06 21.36.30

Tonight at 9:00 I will be on Ken’s Bulls & Bears report. We will be discussing trends in the wine industry.