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This hike started at Martis Peak and ended 6.9 miles later at Brockway Summit. The panoramic views were incredible and the wildflowers were everywhere. A moderate, scenic hike that I would definitely do again.

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Le Rue Press will be holding their annual “Artists with Attitude” event on Saturday, July 13, starting at 10A.M. There will be several artists as well as a psychic. Please stop by and I will personally sign one of my books for you. Le Rue Press, 280 Greg Street, #110, Reno, NV 89502

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This was the second longest of our 14 section hike. The trail started at Watson Lake and ended near the summit at Brockway. The hike was 6.7 miles and was moderately difficult. We came across a bear close enough to hear him breathing! Gorgeous surroundings with lots of flowers. Would definitely do again!

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