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Mixed baby greens

I large fennel bulb, chopped

3 small green apples, chopped

4 oz. slivered almonds

2 oz. dried red currants

2 avacados, sliced

2 oz asiago cheese, shaved.


3 limes, juiced

drizzle pomogranite vinegar

drizzle champagne vinegar

sprinkle beau monde

sprinkle celery salt

sea salt, to taste

fresh ground pepper to taste

Toss well. Serves 20.


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Please take a look at my latest review from Svetlanta of Svetlana’s Reads and Views.

So many wineries in the Placerville. We tasted at Bella Grace, Driven, Noceto, Miraflores, Toscano,and ¬†Cooper. Definitely worth exploring if you’re tired of the Napa-Sonoma area.
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Mixed baby greens

1/4 cup green peas

1 avacado, sliced

1 green apple, chopped

1/2 large fennel bulb, chopped

1/2 cup cooked chicken

1/4 dried cranberries

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

1 oz. asiago cheese, shaved


1/2 lime, juiced

pomogranite vinegar, drizzle

beau monde, sprinkle

celery salt, sprinkle

sea salt, to taste

fresh ground pepper, to taste

Layer ingredients in a large bowl, starting with the lettuce and finishing with the asiago cheese. Add dressing, toss well. Serves two.

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My new sci fi romance will be available soon. It’s the first book in a trilogy.

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The end of the season at beautiful Edgewood golf course.

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13-08-31 Book Hound 1 Hour

Click on the above link to hear my August 23 Book Hound Show with Janice Hermsen and fellow author, D.L. Whitehead.

1/2 head Boston lettuce, washed and torn

1/2 cup cherry tomatos, halfed

1 avacado, sliced

1 mango, sliced

1/4 cup pecan pieces

several springs fresh clintro


1/2 lime, juiced

drizzle pomogranite vinegar

drizzle jalapeno olive oil

sprinkle beau monde

sprinkle celery salt

sea salt, to taste

ground pepper, to taste

Serves 4

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