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Mixed Greens

1/2 cup quinoa, cooked

2 green apples, chopped

I fennel bulb, chopped

1/4 cup pomogranite seeds

1/4 craisins

1/4 cup chopped pecans

1 oz. asiago cheese, slivered


1 lemon, juiced

pomogranite vinegar, drizzle

extra virgin olive oil, drizzle

sea salt, to taste

ground pepper, to taste

beau monde, sprinkle

celery salt, sprinkle

Toss well, serves 20.

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Christopher Columbus is credited with “discovering” St. Thomas during his second voyage to the New World in 1493. He apparently was not impressed, as he didn’t stay long, instead sailing to Puerto Rico. The island was left unguarded by the Spanish and soon its sheltered bays were called on by ships from other nations, captained by men the Spanish would come to consider pirates. St. Thomas’ existence would continue as home to pirates and small settlements long before a European power decided to pursue a permanent settlement.

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St. Maarten has a population of 35,000, is 13 square miles and is part of the Netherland Antilles.  The capital is Philipsburg, the language is Dutch and English and the currency is Netherland Antilles florin and US dollars.

St Martin  has a population of 34,800, is 20 square miles and is part of France. The capital is Marigot, the language is French and English and the currency is Euros.

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The cultivation of sugar cane introduced slavery to St. Maarten in the late 18th century, the practice was abolished in 1848.

The island became a free port in 1939; the tourism industry was dramatically expanded during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Today tourism is the island’s main source of income.

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I was recently in St. Maarten for the second time and learned quite a bit of interesting history about the island. Christopher Colobus sighted it in 1493 and claimed it for Spain, but the Dutch occupied the island in 1631 and exploited it for its salt deposits.

The Spanish retook the island in 1633, but continued to be harassed by the Dutch.

The Spanish finally relinquished St. Martin to the French and Dutch, who divided amongst themselves in 1648.

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