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Albarino is a thick skinned grape that grows mostly in Spain and Portugal. It is high acid and alcohol and its flavors include citrus and peach. In Portugal, a slightly sparkling version is called Vinho Verde.



The muscat family includes numerous grapes that range white to nearly black. Muscat-based wines have grown in popularity around the world, particularly in in low-alcohol, light and sweet Moscato versions. From Italy’s sparkling versions to a wide range from California, Australia and Chile.

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Viogner has had a renewed interest in the past half century due to planting in New World regions such as California, Washington State, Virginia and Australia. In fact, Viogner is the signature white wine of Virginia. The grape is difficult to grow, low-yielding and late ripening, making it a challenge for farmers. Viogner displays a complex nose and interesting flavors of flowers, perfume, spice, peaches, apricot and pears.

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Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is a hard to ripen grape that exhibits both high acidity and sugar levels. France’s Loire Valley styles range from dry to exceedingly sweet, with flavors and aromas of green apple, citrus, stone fruit, honey and minerality. It is also one of South Africa’s signature grapes. Today, Chenin Blanc is grown in California, Washington State, South America, Australia and New Zealand.



Riesling, from Germany, is rarely oaked or blended with other grapes. The dry version offer green apples, citrus and peach while sweeter versions offer tropical fruit, honey, spice and smoke. The grape also does well in New Zealand, Australia, California, New York state, Washington state and South Africa.

Gerwurztraminer originates from the northeastern mountains of Italy. It is highly aromatic with a complex nose that includes roses, lychee fruit, perfume, honey and spice. It has a medium to low acidity. Today it is grown in the cool climates of France, Germany and Austria as well a New Zealand, U.S. Pacific Northwest, California, Australia  and South Africa.