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You’ve met him before. The guy who seems to have a good relationship with his mother when you first meet him, then you get to know him a little better and you start to notice little things. Maybe he makes a face whenever there is mention of his mother or perhaps he will make derogatory comments. about her. You come to realize that his has distain for the woman who brought him into this world. Is it possible for a man to get past these feelings towards his mother and have a good relationship with a woman or are you doomed to be looked with distain as his partner just as his mother was? What do you think?

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From Tokaj, Hungary, a high acid grape that is susceptible to noble rot from the Botrytis fungus, which dries grapes on the vine and is used to make world-class sweet Tokaji wines.



Originally from the northeast of Italy, A dry white wine with low acidity exhibiting apple, peach, almond and floral flavors. Now it is grown in California and Australia.