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Patty Doty is this months winner of freshwater pearls. Congratulations Patty!

The best way to determine the quality of a man is to evaluate his relationship with his mother. :Like mother, like son.” The mother-son connection determines to a great extent not only what sons think about themselves but also what they think about women in general.

I’m researching for the book I’m working on called Basking in the Light. It’s a thriller that revolves around two brothers who are mentally and emotionally messed up as a result of the relationship that they had with their mother. My research shows how important that initial bond is between mother and son, without sons are doomed to grow up as detached adults.

The good news is…there’s no need to worry about the mama’s boy. There a very good chance that he will grow up to be a healthy, happy and productive individual and that he will make a healthy partner for someone.

Bottom line moms, we can’t give too much love to our sons.

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