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Ocytoxin is a fascinating hormone. Known as the bonding hormone, women produce it during the first trimester of pregnancy as well as during childbirth and breastfeeding. We produce oxytocin when we fall in love and in more so when we settle into a relationship after 18 months or so.

Studies have shown that autistic children have less than normal amounts of the hormone, while children with William’s syndrome produce higher than normal levels.

Babies’ oxytocin levels are raised when in contact with their mothers while adoptive babies level stay the same.

The bonding hormone and its effects with supplementation is currently being explored. Initial finings show that instead of helping people feel calmer in awkward social settings, the chemical equivalent makes people overly sensitive to their surroundings.

Would our world be better served with a bonding hormone or supplement or should we just leave mother nature alone?

Gary’s Bookshelf

Sue’s Seduction
Saylor Storm
Storm Productions
9780578129945, $7.99,

Sue’s Seduction” reminded me of several themes in “Star Trek.” From “Star Trek The Next Generation” episode “Too Short A Season” where Admiral Mark Jameson takes a potion that reverses the aging process and from original “Star Trek Mud’s Women,” where women take a pill that makes them beautiful. “Sue’s Seduction” incorporates both of these themes when 55 year old Susan Kent decides to participate in an experimental medical program where she takes a pill for three years. She finds that she is reversing the aging process and becoming more beautiful and much healthier the longer she stays with the program. There is also a darker side where she is much more adventurous in her sexuality and the world of drugs. “Sue’s Seduction” has a steady pace that takes the reader along to the final cliff hanger ending that ensures there will be a sequel, but there is something else that makes this novel so much fun to read. At the beginning of each chapter there are little bits of trivia that are also fun to learn. “Sue’s Seduction” is a great summer read.