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This is our working cover for our second love trivia book. The new book will contain all new love trivia plus an entire section about kissing; everything from the science of kissing to how kissing evolved.

We had aimed for a Valentine’s Day release, but things just didn’t come together in time, so it’s on to plan b and a new release date.

We are also still working on a love trivia game, so you will be able to test your knowledge and challenge your friends about some of the stranger than fiction facts about love.

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Several months ago I purchased the necessary equipment to start a podcast: speakers, microphone, headphones and an audio interface.  Getting started appeared to by an easy task, but was not the case. Only some of the sounds were registering and at first it seemed to be an equipment issue, but a trip back to the store of purchase ruled that out. Now the culprit seems to be software related even though both garage band and audacity are not working successfully.


Once the equipment is up and running it will take some time to get familiar with the equipment and editing procedures. Once completed we will be ready to roll with interviews with local authors and artists as well as readings from my books. Please stay tuned as I learn my way through this process.