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Brian opted not to join us today for the mini makeover of Arnie, instead he headed down to Edgewood golf course to hit a bucket of balls.  Kate and I dragged Arnie to Studio 6 hair salon.  Chris, the owner, did a great job on Arnie’s hair.  She took the disheveled salt and pepper locks and trimmed them to a short and stylish cut.  She buzzed off his long sideburns and finished the process with some Aveda products that made his hair shine and stay in place.  The new cut really shows off his twinkling his and chiseled face.  Now we can see how handsome he truly is!  He was pleased with the transformation as well.

We decided to wait on the clothes shopping until we return to LA.  We met Brian at the golf course and had lunch outside at Brook’s Bar.  What an incredible spot, views of the lake, the snow capped mountains and the golf course all at the same time!

6 Responses to “Arnie gets a haircut”

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    • Saylor Storm says:

      Thank you for the feed back. Arnie was in dire need of a hair cut if you remember the description of him in my book Doctor Selfish.

  3. Thanks for your post, i’m a big golf fan and try to get a few rounds in at the weekend, if i can.

    • Saylor Storm says:

      Have you ever played at Edgewood Golf Course in Lake Tahoe? It’s probably one of the most beautiful courses in the world. They host a celebrity tournament every July that is televised.

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