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It’s been a long couple of days of travel, but I finally made it to Newcastle. I met Arnie in Boston and we had a nice , long flight to catch up on everything. His life has changed quite a bit since he started with the FBI. His love life has kicked into high gear having dates most nights of the week, but he still seems overly attached to Kate and interested in every detail of her life. I wonder if it’s Kate that he’s really obsessed with or that he still is grieving the death of his wife and is using Kate as a substitute.

He filled me in on a case that he has been working on as part of his training. It involves poisoning, embezzlement and has some interesting twists and turns. He also happens to be dating one of the women who is involved with the case on the periphery.

It had been many years since I made the train ride from London to Newcastle. I had forgotten how much I love the countryside. We are meeting up with Kate today to help with any last minute preparations for the wedding. Kate and brian are still blissfully happy….at least that hasn’t changed.

Looking forward to the drive up to Northumberland tomorrow and meeting the infamous Master Harrison.

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