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“Ali’s Portal” is very different from the usual fare of exciting suspense novels by Saylor Storm.  Instead, readers are treated to a superb character-driven narrative of a life that is not everything it seems.  Ali has a sales job where she frequently conducts business in China.  As such she frequently flies out an air terminal waiting for connecting flights.  As “Ali’s Portal” opens she waits in a bar at an airport where she begins a friendship with a bartender who makes a special drink that enlightens her to gazing into her world to come to a surprising conclusion.  “Ali’s Portal” is filled with masterful writing, stimulating characters, and motivating conflicts to a final satisfying finale sure to please any reader. Gary Roen senior reviewer

To celebrate the launch of Ali’s Portal, the kindle version is available for free on Amazon today.

Ali's Portal Book Cover Ali's Portal
Saylor Storm
Storm Productions
ebook, paperback

THE PERFECT LIFE Ali flies from Chicago to China frequently for her job in sales. She adores her good-looking lawyer husband, enjoys daily walks in her picturesque suburban neighborhood with her best friend, and lives in a charming cape cod style house with their faithful Springer Spaniel. Except for her fertility issues and the constant criticisms from her mother, life for Alison, as she sees it is picture-perfect.   UNTIL Ali encounters a curious bartender in the Detroit airport and the direction of her life takes a drastic turn. How did the bartender change her trajectory? Alison’s world is turned upside down.


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What would you do if you went to sleep one night and suddenly found yourself living someone else’s life who lives half-way around the world? Would you embrace the experience or be terrified and freeze-up? Follow my character, Lauren Jones, and find out what happens along her journey in the hypangogic state.


Love & Kisses, the love trivia sequel is due for release on January 23, in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day!L&KFRONT (2)

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