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Molecular biologist, Dr. Bill Andrews, describes his experiences as an ultramarathon runner at the age of 65.


Molecular biologist, Dr. Bill Andrews, of Sierra Sciences talks about the possibility of immortality.

Dr. Bill Andrews episode #8dr-bill-andrews-headshot

dr_arthur_williamsPsychiatrist, Dr. Arthur Williams talks about medical marijuana and its recent legalization in New York state.

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Comedian Brian T. Shirley shares his view of his hometown, Charleston, South Carolina.

Molecular biologist and gerontologist, dr-bill-andrews-headshotDr. Bill Andrews, shares the best nutrition and supplements to achieve healthy longevity.

Public speaker and intuitive counselor, Dr. Steven Hairfield, explains why finding our soul mate could end up being our worst nightmare. dr-steven-hairfield-headshot

dr-jack-brown-body-language-and-emotional-intelligence-expertBody language expert, Dr. Jack Brown, describes some of the best ways to tell if someone is attracted to us.

Storm Session episode #3

dr_arthur_williamsNew York Psychiatrist, Dr. Arthur Williams, explains the intricacies of PTSD.

Storm Session episode #2

dr-bill-andrews-headshotAnti-aging expert, Dr. Bill Andrews, discusses the causes of aging.

Storm Session episode #1