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What would you do if you went to sleep one night and suddenly found yourself living someone else’s life who lives half-way around the world? Would you embrace the experience or be terrified and freeze-up? Follow my character, Lauren Jones, and find out what happens along her journey in the hypangogic state.


Love & Kisses, the love trivia sequel is due for release on January 23, in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day!L&KFRONT (2)



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There are numerous signs that people will exhibit when sexually attracted to someone. Some universal signs are; raised eyebrows, parted  lips, flared nostrils and unconscious self-grooming. For men, other signs may include; standing directly in front of the woman, standing close to her, standing with hands on his hips to appear more powerful, touching his face while talking, sitting on the edge of his seat and playing with a bottle or can while talking.

Body language can tell you a lot about a person. It can tell you wether someone is attracted to you or not. Here are a dozen signs that will tell you if someone likes you or not.

1.Does the person blush when speaking?

2.Does the person mimmic your actions?

3.Does the person maintain an open position while talking to you.

4.Does the person move closer to you or touch you while talking to you?

5. Does the person maintain eye contact?

6. Does the person smile a lot?

7.In a room full of people, does the person maintain eye contact even from across the room?

8. Does the person fidget?

9.Do they lick their lips?

10. Do the eyebrows raise slightly?

11.Are their pupils dilated?

12.Are their shoulders slouching toward you?

What is the first thing that attracts you to a partner? Studies show that whatever that is, it will be the thing in the end that drives you crazy and splits you apart. We all need to pay close attention to those initial impressions!

Why is that we tend to follow in the footsteps of our parents and other role models when it comes to relationships without giving it a second thought? We even accept what we see on TV and in movies as acceptable. In other countries, it is acceptable to have, for example, several wives. Why is that we never consider writing our own love script? Instead we imitate some of the worst examples in our society. Imitation of love can bring an inevitable end of disillusionment.