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2 Responses to “2013-08-15 18.05.53”

  1. Sean Eagan says:

    Lora McKay (my banker) told me about you. I like your website. Would love to meet you sometime and maybe get some tips.

    My international espionage thriller (Jay Hawk: The Assassin’s Lover) is getting excellent reviews but gaining no traction ($30-50 monthly royalties, combined print and ebook) Unfortunately, my best marquee reviewer–a former executive director of the CIA–can only review it anonymously or by alias, so that’s no help.

    The story does have more than a touch of romance but it does not qualify in the romance category. Relationships unresolved at end because we’re not even sure of the heroine loves the guy or the girl (nor is she.) there is a sequel in the works but it won’t necessarily get resolved then.

    Sean (Sherm in real life)

    • Saylor Storm says:

      Hi Sean (Sherm),

      I’m so sorry, but I never saw your email from September until now! Lora did tell me about you. I would love to meet you sometime and talk shop. Please contact me at saylorstorm@gmail.com and I will be sure to see it! I look forward to hearing from you.

      Saylor (Sarah)

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