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It was another gorgeous day in Tahoe, so we decided to have lunch once again at Edgewood Golf Course outside on the patio.  Kate and I ordered the chop chop salad, and the men had a the beef dip sandwich.  We  made a unanimous decision to spend the afternoon hiking.

After lunch we headed up to Spooner lake and parked the car, then headed up by foot on North Canyon Road to the Flume trail.  It was a scenic hour and a half hike with a steady grade up to Marlette lake.  The flume trial is apparently known as one of the best mountain biking trails around.  I would highly recommend either biking or hiking to Marlette, it’s one of the most spectacular spots around.

When we reached the top I realized that my phone had dropped out of my backpack.  Several nice people along the way helped me to find it.  It was quite an ordeal, but proved that there are still people out there wanted to do a good deed!


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