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Title: Basking in the Light
Author: Saylor Storm
Published: October 6th, 2015
Recommended Age: 18+
Synopsis: Ambitious budding reporter, Ellen Singer, grows weary of being alone and pursues a partner through an online dating site; it turns out to be the worst decision of her life. Courted by a handsome, successful author, she is abducted and held captive by his murderous younger brother on a remote island. Ellen fights for her health and sanity while in captivity. She is forced to witness monstrous acts by her captor all the while dependent on him for her survival. Ultimately she is saved by seasoned FBI agent, Arnie Darrow, and rushed to the hospital in a fight for her life. Family and friends stand by hoping for Ellen’s complete recovery. The young reporter pulls through only to struggle with the psychological aftermath of her abduction. Is tenacious Ellen capable of returning to her former self or is she forever altered by her horrific experience? And, what part, if any, does Arnie Darrow play in her recovery?
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In Basking in the Light, aspiring reporter, Ellen Singer, survives being captured and held hostage by serial killers for months. Reclamation takes us where Basking in the Light left off; where Ellen is left with the arduous task of rebuilding her life both physically and mentally. With devoted FBI agent, Arnie Darrow, by her side she is able to overcome her many obstacles and in the end he proclaims his deep love for the woman he has grown to admire and revere. Does Ellen reciprocate his feelings, or has her ordeal left her emotionally incapable of returning Arnie’s love?
photo Saylor-Storm.jpgAbout the Author:

Reality becomes fantasy, or is it that imagination turns into real life experience? Saylor Storm is fascinated by how frequently the line between reality and fantasy crosses in her writing practice. She feels that writing novels is an astonishing way to play with something from real life and turning into something fun or playful and sometimes a bit twisted. Her characters all experience real life joy and pain, reinvention, survival and victory. They share the process of evolution and expansion. The places in her stories take place where she has lived or visited, from the beaches of Malibu to the islands in Fiji and destinations in between, including the monastery in one of her novels. Saylor’s stories reflect her many personal interests including fitness, wine, healthy foods. She’s intrigued by the spiritual world and that of metaphysics. She hopes the reader is as entertained reading her books as she is writing them. One of Saylor’s many passions is hiking. Readers can enjoy fabulous photos of her treks posted on her Facebook page, author Saylor Storm. She loves hearing from her readers.
Interview with Saylor:

How did you start your writing career?

One day I was sitting in a divorce attorney’s conference room waiting for an initial consultation. My mind started to wander and I suddenly felt like a character in a romance novel. Several months later I was hiking and the rest of the story played out in my head. I wrote that story and have never stopped churning out one book after another.

Tell us about your favorite character from a book.

I’ve always loved Travis McGee from the John D. MacDonald books. A little rough and rugged, I think he subconsciously has inspired my FBI agent character, Arnie Darrow.

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

I’ve always wanted to go to the Seychelle Islands. They seem so remote and exotic.

Tell us about your current release.

Basking in the Light is about a young reporter who decides to try online dating and it turns out to be the worst decision of her life! She is held captive for months by a serial killer in a small, dark cabin while chained to a rocking chair. The FBI gets involved and it becomes a race against time to save her.

Tell us bout your next release.

We are planning a second love trivia book with an emphasis on the science of kissing for a Valentine’s Day release.

Has someone been instrumental in inspiring you as a writer?

My father has been my inspiration to me. He always wanted to write a book and did so quite late in life. He never had the opportunity to promote the book; something that he would have enjoyed. He also worked on his memoirs, but they were incomplete. I am working on finishing the memoirs for him.

What was the hardest part about writing Basking in the Light?

Trying to accurately describe dismembering a body!

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing this book?

How serial killers end up the way that they do. When you see the big picture, their behavior actually makes a lot of sense.

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Basking in the Light: Excerpt Chapter 6

A boy’s view of the world is affected by what the mother has demonstrated.

Jonny meticulously swept his tiny cabin. The sand was a constant problem. Living on the beach had its benefits, but Jonny had no patience for the daily task. He grumbled under his breath as he opened the front door and pushed the sand back outside with his broom.
He had a daily routine and did not like to alter from it. After sweeping, he took a long walk to town. Jonny wore the same outfit every day: a beige shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of well-worn jeans, and a grey vest. On his feet was a pair of Keen sandals. His long hair, tousled with curls, bounced slightly as he walked. With determination he walked directly to his favorite spot with his treasured cooler in tow.
As odd as Jonny was, the townspeople were used to him and his daily walks to the local coffee shop, where he sat every day, talking to himself and ordering nothing. People ignored him and found him to be harmless.
Jonny returned to his small cabin, before dark, where he would prepare a simple meal and go to bed early. This day there was an interruption in his routine. When he returned to the cabin, he had a visitor.
“Where have you been?” Jim wanted to know.
“I t-took a w-walk, like I always d-do, so w-what?”
“You didn’t talk to anyone, did you?”
“No, I n-never t-talk to anyone. Just like you t-told me. Why are y-you here?”
“I have a surprise for you. I told you that I found her; she’s here, in the car. Come help me get her out of the car.”
“D-do I get to k-keep her?”
“Yes, but you have to keep it a secret.”
“I will! I promise!”
Jonny followed his older brother to the blue sedan in the driveway. Jim popped the trunk. Jonny could make out a woman wearing a white blouse and red shorts. She was tied with rope and tape and was passed out cold.
“She is p-perfect! Why is she s-sleeping?”
“I had to drug her. Help me get her inside.”
The men each carried an end of the body. Jim was at least a foot taller than his younger brother. They placed her on the bed. Jim returned to the car and retrieved a small duffle bag.
“W-what are you g-going to d-do with that?” Jonny asked.
“Just watch.”
Jim pulled an old wooden rocking chair to the center of the room and chained it to a hook he had screwed in to the ceiling.
“Help me get her in the chair,” Jim instructed.
The two men placed her in the chair and cut loose the rope and tape. Jim re-taped Ellen’s ankles and wrists together, then placed a heavy chain over the tape and secured it to a hook that he had screwed in to the floor.
“This should hold her.”
“W-what d-do I d-do if she w-wakes up?”
“She can scream all she wants to, no one will hear her out here. She’s yours; you can do whatever you want with her. I’ll be back tomorrow with food and supplies.”
Jonny smiled at his big brother, “Thank you, J-Jim, she’s p-perfect.”
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Listen to author Saylor Storm as she discusses her new release, Basking in the Light!
View the video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/78PJ1tYFQwY

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