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How did you begin blogging?

It isn’t a blog, but I have kept a journal as long as I can remember! My first journal is full of my accounts of trying to be “Harriet the Spy” as a seven year old.

My first blogging project was part of a writing class in college and I kept a pseudo-journal afterwards. I wouldn’t say that I really enjoyed it until I traveled abroad and kept a log of everywhere I went. After college, I tried a few things here and there, but nothing “stuck” until began writing book reviews. Reading is something I’ve always been passionate about and this is a wonderful way to share that and meet like-minded people. I stumbled upon the idea of a book review site because I was consistently being asked for book recommendations from friends!

 Do you have a special time to blog or how is your day structured?

I wish I did! I still have a day job so I blog as I finish books or in free time where I can sneak it in. I enjoy writing first thing in the morning when I can.

What motivates you? Why do you blog?

Blogging/Reviewing is a hobby for me, but I love it. It’s a way to fantastic way to hear about up and coming authors and new books I may have never considered. I love the entire process so it’s essentially a fun project I do whenever I can. It’s getting to know new people that have me most excited to keep working on it right now.

How do you use Facebook?

I use Facebook as a communication tool. Many people hate signing up for email notifications because we all have stuffed inboxes. I consider Facebook a good alternative because you can quickly check it to see what’s new or get quick updates in your news feed when you’re already browsing.

What challenges have you set for yourself?

Stick to my schedule! Since this is just a hobby, my goals are to stick to my schedule and to see what other content I can add. Right now I am working on some new content like giveaways, recommendations, reading challenges and a book club!

Are you a brand?

Some day!

What do you read, and how do you read it?

I read everything! If there’s anything I read less than others it’s horror, but there are many things I read that I would NOT watch in a movie. I’m a wuss when it comes to scary movies! I am often drawn to fantasy/ paranormal/ sci-fi, but it really depends on my mood. You’re equally as likely to see me enthralled with a classic, romance or comic!

These days I typically read on my kindle though I do prefer paperback. I travel a lot for work (every week Mon-Thurs at the moment) so eBooks are the most practical. Otherwise my whole suitcase would be filled with books!

What would you most like to learn on your own?

A new language! I speak Spanish poorly, but it’s a practical skill I have neglected to be disciplined about. Otherwise I would love to learn how to write someday. I love the feeling of connection with an author after finishing a fantastic book and it would be wonderful to join the ranks.

What have you done to earn money?

Still slaving away with a ‘real’ job! I’d love to have my site eventually support me, but at the moment that is still a dream.

Where is the line between truth and fiction?

Depends what you mean by “truth”. If you mean “non-fiction”, the only line between truth and fiction is whether it has actually happened.

If you mean “truth” in the sense of universal truths, then I don’t believe there is one. I have often learned universal truths from fiction or fantasy. What better way to illustrate a point than to set up a situation perfectly orchestrated in a book? Real-life is messy and often disorganized. The universal truths are still there, but they may be harder to uncover or see clearly. Fiction written by a skilled author makes these ‘truths’ and life lessons accessible to a bigger audience. To claim you cannot learn from fiction simply because it did not happen would be a disservice to yourself.

How productive and organized are you?

Almost obsessively. I have always been an excessively organized person and I keep notes for everything going on in my life. This gives me some semblance of control so when a curve ball comes barreling through life I have a good way to adjust and tackle the next project! That being said, I enjoy spontaneity for new adventures like travel. I’ll have the flights and transportation organized 8 months in advance to fly across the world and decide what to do day-to-day as it comes.

What will make you feel successful?

Success in terms of my site will be if even just a few people find it helpful to find a great next book. And hopefully I will make some friends along the way! Success in life will be to find the work/life balance that makes me happy.

What makes you happy?

A great book, good company, enough time to spend outdoors and the capability to travel!



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