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The wedding is on for next month in England. Kate and Brian will finally be making it official at the monastery in January. They’ve been knee deep in legal matters since they returned to England. Now that things are starting to settled down, they want to make it official with a wedding. The kids will all finally be legal residents of the U.K. and Brian will be their legal father.

I will plan a quick jaunt over there and Arnie has agreed to be my date for the wedding. The FBI training is over for the most part and he’s out in the field now. According to him he’s having quite the dating life . I guess that makeover that we did on him really did the trick! He still asks way too many questions about Kate. I’m hoping that when he sees her getting married to Brian that he will finally get over her once and for all!

The soon to be Bradford family is still talking about moving to the US after the wedding, but they can’t decide between the Los Angeles area and Lake Tahoe. It would be nice to have them in Tahoe, but Kate wants to be close to her dad especially while he’s having health issues. We’ll see what happens.

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