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Rabbit Hole #18 – Spermidine

Ever heard of spermidine? The eyebrow-raising name finds its roots from having been originally isolated from semen. It is a polyamine compound that plays an important role in the metabolism of cells. What does this mean for you?

Spermidine is predicted to be the longevity supplement of 2022, and is quickly gaining attention. Taken regularly, the supplement can have a significant impact on health and lifespan. By mimicking the effects that caloric restriction (fasting) has on cells in the body, it induces autophagy, the process of cellular renewal known to have antiaging benefits. As we age, our spermidine levels as well as our rate of autophagy decline, leaving cells more exposed to damage from aging.

Autophagy benefits include:

– Healthy aging

– Preserves telomere length

– Weight management

– Lowered inflammation

– Better brain health

– Prevents memory loss

– Reduced risk of heart disease

– Better blood sugar control

– Lowered risk of cancer (especially liver)

– Improves vaccine protection

– Inhibits 5 of the 9 hallmarks of aging

If you’re not inclined to fast, and don’t want to take a spermidine supplement, you can eat these spermidine containing foods:

– Mushrooms (especially shitake)

– Green peppers

– Wheat germ

– Cauliflower

– Broccoli

– Soybean products

– Green peas

– Pears

– Chicken

– Potato

– Lentils

– Aged cheese

– Coffee

– Green tea

– Tumeric

– Garlic

– Ginger

– Ceylon cinnamon

– Pomegranate

– Elderberries

Think Mediterranean diet.

Maintaining our spermidine levels as we age by eating foods high in spermidine, fasting, or taking supplements should be a priority for longevity. The supplements have no known side effects.

To learn more about spermidine and autophagy, check out the video below by Dr. Brad Stanfield:

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