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Kate and Brian have been talking all week about the possibility of moving to the U.S., so we though it would be a good idea to look at some real estate while we are here in Tahoe.  We stopped in to the local Caldwell Banker and were greeted by a friendly realtor named Kathy.  She ended up spending most of the day with us and took through several neighborhoods.  I decided to look at some places myself, I would love to have a place in Tahoe to get away to.

Kathy showed us several family friendly neighborhoods; Glenbrook, Skyland , Round Hill and Kingsbury Grade.  The homes started in the 400k range and went up from there.  Kate and Brian had no clue of a budget, since they don’t know yet if William will be helping or not.  I looked at several townhouses and really liked the ones in Glenbrook the best, and of course they are the most expensive!

Kathy will be sending us more information on the places we were interested in.  She also recommended a little place called Sam’s for lunch.  It was great, a locals’ pub with outdoor seating.


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